About Us

Cornerstone Advanced International Seminary, Jos, is a non-governmental co-educational institution founded with the impetus to train non-denominational Christians to become workers/leaders for both vocational christian service and non-professional ministry. Cornerstone has taken it upon itself the duty of keeping pace with advancement, albeit along the spiritual line, in addition to its contributions to academics. Our seminary is a cornerstone on which people can build their golden ambitions and realize their divine destinies.
Our curricula and academic community life are designed to prepare College graduates for Church or Para-church Ministry in Africa or Overseas.
Our flexible Programme:-

(i) Provides an effective bridge between secular and vocational education, or lay ministry with our unique programme
(ii) Builds on the specialized preparation of Bible College or equivalent undergraduate study;
(iii) The programme is designed to meet the focused needs of persons involved in the Ministry.

Accreditation and Affiliation
Cornerstone advanced International Seminary is accredited by an affiliated Cornerstone University  and Theological Seminary of Jerusalem, Israel and USA, which is in turn accredited by:

A)  International accreditation Commisson for Schools, Colleges, and Theological Seminaries.
B)   Registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Federal Republic of Nigeria.
C)   A cluster Campus of Nations University USA
D)  Louisiana  State University of Education.
E)    Washington State Department of Education.
F)    Cornerstone Advanced International Seminary Jos is an extension campus of Cornerstone University and Theological Seminary of Israel and USA, which have a full degree granting.

 It is recognized by a good number of Nigerian universities and other higher institutions. It is registered with the Plateau State Ministry of Education. 

Our Tradition
For over two decades CAIS has maintained its allegiance to biblical truth. In fact our curriculum is rare in that it includes the study of every book of the Bible. While head knowledge is important, you need to be able to communicate your knowledge to others. That's why we work hard to be sure our students not only know the Bible but also communicate its message in a way that people understand, and are moved to respond.

Our Mission
The Mission of Cornerstone is-to prepare men and women for ministry as godly servant-leaders in the whole African body of Christ. We do this by blending instruction in the Scriptures from our doctrinal perspective with training in ministry and communication skills. When you graduate, you'll be ready to do the work of evangelism, as well as disciple other believers and equip them to do the same. 

Aims and Objectives
Our aims and objectives include:
1. To know the Risen Lord and to make Him known.
2. Training and equipment men for academic and ministerial excellence

(a) In the market place
(b) In the local Church as effective workers.
(c) In part/full time ministry.

Cornerstone is an institution which has been developed to place the major emphasis upon helping individuals to develop their God-given Ministry potentials. Our goals are not only academic, but Spiritual as well. We have built our Curriculum around four major learning streams:-

(a) Bible (b) Character (c) Ministry (d) Faith

The programme offered by Cornerstone are designed to be rich in three distinct areas that includes spiritual content, biblical study and ministry training. These are intended to equip individuals in the following areas.
(a) Pastoral work (b) Pioneer-ship (c) Missionary (d) Teaching, building people who build the Nation.